forever a stan
what cheers you up when you’re sad?

for me its gotta be either

  • watching my fave movie ever: clueless
  • watching my 2nd fave movie ever: 8 mile
  • listening to eminem<3333
  • blogging on here
  • writing in my journal
  • trying out makeup
  • shoppinG!!!!
  • vacation:)))))))
  • the beach
  • hanging out with my grandma
  • getting lost in a good book

and what cheers YOU up?!??!??

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OMFG I hate when your stalking someone’s account on Instagram or twitter and you accidentally favorite their tweet from 2 weeks ago or like their picture from 54 weeks ago

How awkward is that ommmg

Now they KNOW you were stalking them like for real

Fml fml fml

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Can I have her body and outfit&#160;???????????????
so motivational