forever a stan

lately i feel unfocused and dumb. 
I’m stressed sad and worried and I just hope things get better

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my mom can be such a fucking cunt

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my moms so fucking rude. i can’t wait until she starts going to her psychologist again bc she’s so annoying without it

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Never followed this couple, but this gif always breaks my heart. Because you watch it all unfold in heartbreaking detail… The camera’s on them, she goes to look at him, expecting-anticipating his eyes will turn to find her, like she’s turning to find him. Then the realization hits, he’s completely preoccupied, and it’s not with her. And you see it wash over her face… she was thinking of him, but he wasn’t thinking of her. 
I think a lot of girls can relate to how shitty that moment feels.
what cheers you up when you’re sad?

for me its gotta be either

  • watching my fave movie ever: clueless
  • watching my 2nd fave movie ever: 8 mile
  • listening to eminem<3333
  • blogging on here
  • writing in my journal
  • trying out makeup
  • shoppinG!!!!
  • vacation:)))))))
  • the beach
  • hanging out with my grandma
  • getting lost in a good book

and what cheers YOU up?!??!??

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OMFG I hate when your stalking someone’s account on Instagram or twitter and you accidentally favorite their tweet from 2 weeks ago or like their picture from 54 weeks ago

How awkward is that ommmg

Now they KNOW you were stalking them like for real

Fml fml fml

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